Top 5 Patterns for Baby Gifts!

I have a now one year old! I can’t believe it, he’s getting so big! Also, it seems like every family member is expecting a baby. So of course I have found a lot of patterns! Yes, this includes more baby blankets. I may have an obsession.

First, I have two booty patterns. While I have not ventured into creating booties by myself, these are just too cute not to post! They also don’t seem SUPER difficult. Maybe one day soon!

Two Color Baby Booties


DIY Crochet Baby Booties



Now, here come the baby blankets!

This first one also comes with instructions for the hat. This one is super girly, and everyone I know has/is having a little boy, so I’m excited for a girl to try this! Even though, with the right colors it may be able to translate into something a little boy would like.

Hat and Blanket Set



This one comes with instructions on how to make a bonnet. I’m not super fond of bonnets, I believe they are a little outdated. However, I love the blanket, and if you are a fan of bonnets then this one is a great pattern!

Shell Stitch Blanket



Finally, this one is one I have created, but I changed it a teeny bit to better suit how I crochet. Here is the original pattern!

Red Heart Simple Squares Blanket


Here is my take on the pattern, in case you didn’t see it before!

Baby Joaquin’s Blanket



Bonus pattern!

I didn’t want to include any of my own in the top 5. However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern, and it’s definitely my go-to since it’s so simple.

Baby Grey’s Blanket



Enjoy! 🙂




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